Frequently Asked Questions

for Creators

How do I make money with Fluence?

Once you have an account, making money with Fluence is as simple as: Choose a campaign that fits your audience, copy your personalised link and then be creative with promoting it - either with a story, an image post or your own video!

How much can I earn?

There are no limits to how much you can earn, it all depends on how well and how often you are promoting campaigns on Fluence as well as how many people you can reach. We have had creators make more than $10k through a single viral TikTok hit.

How can I get paid?

With Fluence you no longer have to wait weeks or even months for a cooperation partner to pay you. You can request a payout at any time and you will receive your balance within a couple of days directly onto your bank account.

Can I trust Fluence?

Creators all over the world are trusting Fluence to monetize their social media accounts. We have paid out more than $100k to our creators over the last couple of months, so if you want to be part of that, sign up today: App Store